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Important Information

Worker putting a package into the trade winds lockers

Mailing Guidelines For Current Occupants

  • Mail sent to you must have your legal name or the name that you provided to Admissions.
  • In order to receive packages, you must be a current resident in the Hales, TVA, or have a paid rental.
  • Mail should only be addressed to individuals with a university ID number. Anything addressed to children or non-student spouses, without a dependent ID, will be returned to the sender.
  • Packages will be available in the locker for 24 hours before being brought back behind the pick-up window.
  • Letters and packages will be held for two weeks before being returned to the sender.
  • A photo ID is required when picking up letters or packages.
  • If you want a friend to pick up any mail for you, email with their name, student ID number, and the item they are collecting.

    *Failure to follow any of these rules may result in your letters or packages being sent back.

Terms and Conditions